Ojas Skin Clinic Testimonials | Stories of Transformation


Visited For Skin Disease Treatment

Dr. is kind and polite. She has perfect and deep knowledge and just by seeing problem knew the treatment.

Ms Tolia
Visited For Psoriasis Treatment

I have had an akin infection for the last 8 months. I had taken so many Medicine from 4-5 Consultants but didn't get any relief. But now I had completely recovered from all problems from Prime Consultation.

Visited For Acne / Pimples Treatment

She is really good at what she does. Explained the treatment and the use of medication clearly and calmly. Don't hesitate to visit her.

Visited For Skin Pulse Treatment

Awesome 😀 Request a reminder update for a review scheduled after six weeks Doctor to prescribe the readily available medication.

Major Neetu
Visited For Scar Treatment

Very experienced and professional doctor. Staff is also very friendly. Very good clinic for acne and scar treatment.

Visited For Acne / Pimples Treatment

She is our family doctor. We are so much satisfied with her. My father, me and now my son is taking treatment.

Smita Medhaar
Visited For Skin Disease Treatment

No comparison of Dr Nanda. Her diagnosis is commendable and i personally recommend her to be the finest dermatologist i ever came across. Heartfelt gratitude for your empathetic treatment. Stay blessed.

Shruti Bali
Visited For Skin Allergy Treatment

I believe she makes a very good repo with her patients and treats everyone equal and gives her valuable time on every patient. Hats off to her, I will defently recommend her to others. So if you have any skin allergies, so go and meet her and then Smile with Shine. Do take a prior appointment before visiting. :)😃😎

Anirudh Kapoor
Visited For Dandruff Treatment

Appropriate explanation of the problem. She has really helped by being a counselor along with being a doctor for our kids

Deepak Kapoor
Visited For Clinical Dermatology and Skin Care

In one word: she's just WONDERFUL!!! Dr Soni has been seeing several people in my family and everyone has nothing but great things to say about their experience with her as well as the effectiveness of her treatment!!! She's soooo good that she even diagnosed something over zoom within ten mins (vs. no diagnosis after seeing 4 doctors in person with repeated tests in the US!). So I'm super glad I have her as my dermatologist!

Visited For Acne / Pimples TreatmentAcne/ Pimple Scars Treatment

I was taking acne treatment since last 11 years from different dermatologists. However, there was no positive result. I started my treatment from 30 March 2021 with Dr. Soni Nanda mam and within 3 months, my acne problem is solved. Apart from being the best Doctor, she is very nice person. I will definitely recommend her name for dermatology treatment.


Beautiful clinic with great staff. Dr. Nanda is the best dermatologist I've come across. She's extremely knowledgeable, experienced and friendly. I've seen amazing results in all skin/hair treatments I've ever got done from her. It's better than most corporate clinics!

Agrima Rampal

I have been a Ojas Skin clinic patient since a year and consulting Dr Soni Nanda from past 3year and it has been an amazing skin transformation. My acne have reduced, pigmentation has gone down and skin has improved to a great extent. Extremely happy. Very friendly Dr and a very friendly staff.

Vanita Labra

Have been associated with Dr Soni Nanda for over a decade and hands down, she is your go to person for any and all skin and hair related issues.Ojas clinic is beautifully set up, with tasteful ambience. The staff is very polite and competent. State of the art equipment and procedure rooms. Wide range of skin and hair related services are provided. Very very happy with the experience provided at Ojas clinic.

Mridhu Malhotra