Different Types Of Skin Problems In Summers

Different Types Of Skin Problems In Summers

Different types of skin problems in summers

  1. Oily skin and pimples
  2. Pigmentation
  3. Fungal Infections
  4. Summer boils or bacterial infections
  5. Allergies due to sweat


  1. Maintaining good hygiene
  2. Keeping the folds clean and dry
  3. Avoiding tight, synthetic clothes
  4. Taking a bath after any activity involving sweating
  5. Using an alcohol free toner like rose water twice daily
  6. Using a moisturizer like calamine which gives sebum control
  7. Doing strict sunprotection by regular use of suitable sunscreen with SPF 30 and wearing hat and full sleeve clothes when out in direct sun.
  8. Keeping the underarms free from excess hair
  9. Doing a superficial peel once a month

Natural Remedies

  1. Rose water works as a good toner – can be used twice a day
  2. Calamine based lotions are useful to soothe the skin and keep it dry- especially useful in sweat induced skin issues
  3. Use some gentle masks once a week

Ojas treatments

  1. Consultations for all your skin related issues
  2. Helping you choose the right products for your skin type
  3. All types of superficial and medium depth peels depending on your skin issue
  4. Laser hair reduction for underarms to improve hygiene
  5. Procedures like carbon peel/ hydrafacial done once a month to give you a clear, glowing complexion