Medifacials Hero


  • Hydratouch H2: Vitamins infused through water to keep your skin refreshed High power radiofrequency for skin tightening Ultrasonic treatment with actives as per your skin type 50 minutes of pure relaxation while your skin gets rehydrated with suitable actives.
  • Hollywood peel: The surface of the skin gets cleaned with carbon Active Q-switch improves the collagen production Helps in giving you a clear, young and healthy skin
  • Ojas Facial: Microdermabrasion and comedone extraction to give you a pimple free skin Massage and pack for relaxation and soothing the skin Recommended for pimple prone skin
  • Ojas Advanced Facial: Recommended for mature skin Best quality hyaluronic acid is infused in your skin Radiofrequency adds to the long term skin tightening effect Collagen mask adds to the anti-aging effect
  • Glutathione Facial: Mesotherapy with glutathione- the wonder drug for skin! Relaxing massage with ingredients suited to your skin type Masks as per your skin age.