Anti-Aging Treatment at Ojas Clinic | Restore Youthful Skin

Anti-ageing Treatments

We, at Ojas offer a range of Anti-Ageing Services. These include

Age Control Services

1.Peels: Medium depth peels are especially useful for anti-ageing.

2.Skin Polishing: Repeat sessions of skin polishing give you a youthful skin.

3.Photofacials: These are done with Q-switch laser to promote collagen production.

4.Radiofrequency: The heat given during a radiofrequency procedure helps in tighten your skin, decrease the fine lines and double chin.

5.Hydratouch H2 Therapy: This relaxing service with a powerful radiofrequency gives a glowing tight skin.

Age control services should be started before the signs of ageing appear. These are also useful to maintain
the results of age-defying services.

Age Defying Services

1.Hibernation Therapy: Minute injections of a protein are given in your hyperactive muscles to relax the muscles and decrease the lines on your upper face. These injections when given on lower face help you
get a more chiseled look. Also, these injections also help in cases having excess sweating over underarms
or palms. Botulinum injections is a less than 30 minute procedure and the results last for 3-6 months.
We use numbing cream to dull the pain of injections.

2.Fillers: Hyaluronic acid fillers are used to improve the fine lines and hollows of the face, neck or hands. Different types are available and we select depending on the area to be treated and the condition of
the skin. This is an excellent treatment modality for treating the dark circles or the tired look in your
face. The effect lasts from 1-2 years depending on the product used. The safety of the product has
been established over years. Gives a very natural fullness the face.

3.Threads: Different type of threads are used to give you a face lift. These are especially useful for lifting the jaw line and decreasing the double chin.

These are all OPD procedures which have an excellent safety record in right hands and can take