Laser Hair Reduction Hero

Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction is an excellent treatment modality for getting rid of excess hair on your body. It can be done on all body parts. It is best suited for dark hair. 6-8 sessions are required followed by maintenance once or twice a year for non-hormonal areas like arms, legs, underarms and bikini. The number of sessions required for the face is around 10-12 with maintenance every 3-4 months The patient is advised not to thread, wax or pluck, 3 weeks before the session With each session you would appreciate a delay of growth, decrease in number of hair and the remaining hair getting thin.

The skin also feels smooth and nice after the sessions Skin should be kept hydrated in between the sessions
Why Ojas ?

  • Latest 2D technology
  • Less treatment time
  • Long term results
  • High patient comfort
  • Trained practitioners
  • Hygienic Conditions

Suitable for all skin types