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Treatment for Pimples Scars

Pimples or acne are a very common skin problem which lead to significant loss of confidence among the patients. These can happen after the age of puberty and is seen in almost 80% of adults during some point of their life. We have a holistic approach for this problem. We suggest a skin care routine suited to your skin type, medical treatment as per the grade of your acne and aesthetic procedures to minimize the chances of scar formation.

The treatments that we offer for pimple prone skin include

  • Peels: These are fruit acids which help in decreasing the oil content hence, the pimple outbreak, give an even skin tone and texture and decrease the post pimple marks on your face. It is a lunch time procedure with no downtime. The procedure takes 10 minutes and keeps your skin good for 4 weeks. These sessions have a cumulative effect. Initial 4 sessions are recommended at 2 week gap followed by a 4 week gap. Around 8-12 sessions are recommended for good result.
  • Microdermabrasion: There are 2 types of MDA- crystal & diamond. Crystal MDA is a form of controlled scrub which helps in removal of dead skin and stimulating the basal layer to give you a clear and youthful skin. Diamond MDA is very effective in treating deep acne scars.
  • Photofacials: These are done with Q-switch laser and help in reducing the redness of skin due to pimples, marks or medicines applied. Monthly sessions are done leading to a significant improvement in the skin quality.
  • Fractional CO Laser: 2 This is the gold standard for the treatment of all kinds of scars. There is a downtime of 10-14 days.
  • Subscision: A simple and time tested procedure to release the adhesions on the skin, stimulate collagen production and decrease acne scars.
  • Fillers: We inject fillers in acne scars to improve the look of the depressions caused on the skin by pimples. Fillers can help scarred skin in more than one way !